NLP Trainer

Internationally recognized NLP trainer:  Steve Boyley,

Steve Boyley NLP Trainer

Steve Boyley. JAFS.

Steve Boyley is different, he has decades of experience using NLP outside of a seminar room. He gets results!

Steve has 27 years experience using NLP everyday, selling, recruiting, training, managing, leading, creating and socializing. He has used NLP to create several successful businesses.

When Steve Boyley teaches NLP, it’s real life!

In addition to 16 years experience training Neuro-Linguistic Programmers, Steve is also a respected trainer of Sales, Management, and Leadership skills.

Training Assistant: Diane Boyley.


Diane Boyley. JAHB.

Diane has 16 years experience in the training room. Her insight and questions bring out the information someone in the room needs, to make their neuro-pathways connect! She has been instrumental in improving the design of NLP training, as well as the design of various exercises. Diane’s speeches inspire participants and inoculate them against inadvertent misuse of their new skills.

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