NLP Training Course Content

Here’s what you will learn in 8 days of NLP training.

NLP course content.Input:

  • Listening: People reveal 43 types of NLP information as they speak.
  • Observing: People reveal 11 categories of NLP information with body language.


  • Interacting: Influence anybody with 56 NLP strategies.
  • Performing: Excel in any situation using 12 powerful NLP behaviors
  • Entrancing: Captivate imaginations with 30 Hypnotic Induction Methods.

NLP skills:

‘The Society of NLP™’ specifies 18 essential categories. You also begin learning NLP Master Practitioner skills. NLP Practitioners train with the NLP Master Practitioners.

  • Behavioral integration of NLP presuppositions.
  • Calibrating through Sensory Experience
  • Elicitation of Well-Formed Goals, Direction and Present State.
  • Representational Systems (Sensory Predicates and Accessing Cues)
  • Overlapping and Translating Representational Systems
  • Accessing and Building Resources
  • Rapport Skills.
  • Verbal & Nonverbal Leading & Pacing
  • Eliciting, Installing & Utilizing all sensory Anchors
  • Omni Directional Chunking
  • Meta Model (Analysis Model)
  • Content & Context Re-framing
  • Milton Model (Induction Model)
  • Creating & Utilizing Metaphors
  • Strategy Detection, Elicitation, Utilization and Installation
  • Sub-modalities (including Time lines, Belief Change, Swish Patterns, etc.)
  • Ability To Shift Consciousness
  • Demonstration of Flexibility of Behavior and Attitude

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